Our highly qualified team of experts in the Private Equity division draws on a solid background of international banking experience that is complemented by local know-how and strong business contacts. It is through this unique blend that we have the ability to source proprietary deals that create win-win scenarios for both sides.We actively engage with our targeted portfolio companies to accelerate their growth and improve their standards of governance and operational transparency. Our in-house research team, which covers more than 16 sectors of the Iranian economy, is instrumental in helping us identify high-calibre business opportunities.

Sepidar is the first private equity fund to be launched by Griffon Capital. The fund invests in a diversified portfolio of FMCG companies in the Iranian economy, with high concentration on the Food, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Detergent, and Cosmetic sectors.

Sarv venture is the largest structured venture capital fund in Iran with special focus on the E-commerce and Tech sectors.


Unique Team

    • On-the-ground presence with a front-row seat to unique opportunities
    • Strong local network that provides unparalleled access to proprietary deals
    • Unique mix of local know-how, international deal-making, and investment track record

World class Structure:

    • Institutional investor-ready platform
    • Sanctions compliant
    • World class operational platform
    • A familiar structure to seasoned investors
    • Meets international standards of governance and processes

Core Principles

    • “Doing well by doing good” is a core value of Griffon Capital
    • Commitment to promotion of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards
    • Provision of operational and technical know-how to support businesses strategically
    • Emphasis on developing domestic industries
    • Emphasis on creation of jobs