Our Focus Sub-sectors

Our Iran focused Private Equity fund invests in a diversified portfolio of “consumer-driven” companies in different sectors of the Iranian economy. Our world class platform is the first institutional investor ready private equity fund for Iran and is managed by an accomplished on-the-ground team blending together deep local market knowledge with international experience across all levels.




Why Griffon?

We are firm believers in the positive force our capital can have on developing companies and transforming sectors – ESG principles are at the core of what we do. Our highly qualified team draws on its international expertise and builds on its 13 years of experience in Iran to source proprietary opportunities and actively engage with our portfolio companies to accelerate their growth while improving their standards of governance and transparency. Our institutional investor ready fund platform has been structured with some of the most experienced international law firms to ensure its compliance with international regulations while having a familiar fund structure for our investors.



Unique Team


  • Full local presence with a front row seat to unique opportunities in the Iranian market
  • Deep local network provides unparalleled access to proprietary deals
  • Unique mix of local experience plus international deal making and investment track record


World class Structure


  • Institutional investor ready platform
  • Sanctions compliant, world class platform
  • A structure familiar to seasoned investors
  • Meets international standards of governance and processes


Core Principles


  • “Doing well by doing good” is a core value to Griffon
  • Commitment to promotion of ESG standards in the whole industry
  • Provision of knowhow and technology to strategically support operations
  • Emphasis on developing domestic industries and job creation

Why Consumer?

The favourable macro and demographic trends expected in the post-sanctions era, will lead to growth of the middle-class and increased discretionary income. The resulting accelerated consumer spending and release of pent-up demand will drive corporate growth across the consumer sectors. The industry is highly fragmented and has gone through a long period of severe under-investment creating a unique opportunity to fund growth and development of the sector.

The “rise of the consumer middle class” will be a predominant theme in the creation of private equity opportunities in Iran.


Macro growth


  • Largest untapped emerging market
  • Return to sustained GDP growth of 5 – 8% similar to pre-sanctions
  • Attractively diversified economy
  • Significant “early mover” advantage
  • Foreign investor friendly


Demographic trends


  • Massive, young, educated and cost competitive population
  • High urban rates
  • Large middle class with pent-up demand
  • Consumption oriented
  • Highly connected


Industry characteristics


  • Severely underinvested industry, starved of capital
  • Highly fragmented sector
  • Largely unmodernised products and productions
  • Under presented in capital markets
  • Food and pharma were never sanctioned