GIF Fund SP was launched in April 2016 with the aim of unlocking investment opportunities in Iran’s equity market for foreign investors. The fund provides a well-regulated and transparent institutional-grade platform using top tier service providers. Its goal is to seamlessly and intelligently invest foreign capital into Iran’s equity market while maximising opportunities for high returns.



Key Features of the Fund:

  • Fund Size: EUR 25mn
  • Fund Term: Open-ended
  • Fund Domicile: Cayman Islands (CIMA registered and fully licensed fund)
  • Fund Constituents: Primarily stocks listed on Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and Iran
    Fara Bourse (IFB)
  • Robust sanctions compliant framework
  • Best performing EUR-based foreign investment fund in Iran
  • Monthly factsheet published and distributed to investors
  • Monthly newsletter published and distributed to investors
  • Transparent and highly regulated platform

Our Investment Strategy:

  • Long-term risk-adjusted capital growth
  • Fundamental bottom-up proprietary research
  • Focused on generating high returns both in absolute and real terms
  • Flexibility of investing in different types of securities