Dear Investor:

We at Griffon Capital are happy to announce that we are hosting a conference call scheduled for 21st of January 2016 @ 11:00 UK Time on the subject of:

Market Impact of the Lifting of Sanctions

As you have read over the weekend, this is the action that we in Iran have been waiting for and our Tehran based team will be presenting on a few of the points and topics that will have an impact on the Public and Private Equity Markets of Iran.

The speakers:

Homan Harandian, CEO of Griffon
Positive impact on the overall economy and the challenges ahead.

Payam Malayeri, Head of Asset Management
Impact on the Public Equity Market and what sectors should see positive improvement and thus are ripe for investment.

Xanyar Kamangar, Head of Private Equity
Impact on Private Equity investments and sectors which we believe will present the greatest opportunities for growth capital.

We expect the call to last 30 min, and we will not be taking questions on the call. However, we are happy to answer questions we have received in advance if time permits. Please send any questions you have before the call via the contact page on the site and we will attempt to answer as many we can.

Should you wish to attend the event, please send us an inquiry including your full name and company name. We will be recording the call thus if you are busy at that time but wish to listen, please contact us via the contact page on the site with a request to have us send the link of the recording and we would be happy to do so.

After the launch of our Iranian Public and Private Equity Funds later this month, we will organize Monthly calls to discuss how the Funds are performing and what were the major movers and drivers the previous month as well as what is expected in the short and long term locally.

Thanks for your time,
Griffon Team